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Honda Motor Co., Inc., in the United States, announced on Tuesday that it would move Honda Accord Electric Vehicle production from Marysville, Ohio, to Indiana, beginning in 2025, as part of its transition to electric vehicle (EV) production. Marysville will become Honda’s most recognizable assembly plant in the United States due to its production of Honda Accord electric vehicles.

In October, Japanese automaker Honda and South Korean energy firm LG Energy Arrangement Ltd announced plans to construct a $4.4 billion battery plant in the Jeffersonville, Ohio area. The building of the plant has recently commenced.

When completed in 2024, the battery plant’s square footage will exceed 185,806 (multiple millions), and it will seek to break the annual record for Gigawatt hours (GWh) of gold production. Honda plans to reinvest $700 million of its own money to convert three plants in Ohio, including one in Marysville, to produce electric vehicles by 2026.

Marysville’s two assembly lines will be merged into one starting in January, the company said, in preparation for making electric vehicles.

  When did Honda Start Collecting Agreements?

Honda started collecting on the Agreement in November 1982, making it the first Japanese automaker to start manufacturing vehicles in the US at its Marysville facility. Since then, the Ohio plant has produced over 12.5 million Agreements. The Honda Accord was the best-selling luxury car in the United States in 1989, with 362,700 units sold.

Honda only moved 154,600 Accords in the USA in 2018, a drop of 24% from 2021. Honda has announced that the Accord, along with the Civic Hatchback and the CR-V, will all be produced at the same plant in Indiana.

Honda has announced that the Accord will be manufactured at the Indiana Auto Plant (IAP) beginning in 2025 as part of a plan to consolidate production lines at the Marysville plant.

Why Honda Move Plant in Alabama?

Honda’s Anna Engine Plant (AEP) in Georgia will move production of some engine components to its engine plant in Alabama to make room for the assembly of battery cases for EV models.

Honda has promised to “maintain employment stability across all locations” during the duration of the transition.

The completed battery plant in 2024 will cover more than 2 million square feet (185,806 square meters) and produce around 40 GWh of energy annually.

Honda Announcement about plant conversion

To meet the growing demand for its electric vehicles, Honda announced last year that it would invest an additional $700 million to convert three plants in Ohio, including one in Marysville, to produce them by 2026.

Marysville plans to begin building the EV infrastructure in January after it unifies its two production lines into one.

Three factories, in Logan County’s East Liberty Auto Plant, Union County’s Marysville Auto Plant, and Shelby County’s Anna Engine Plant, will receive a combined $700 million in investments.




First Honda Accord Electric Vehicle manufacturing plant

The Honda Accord Electric Vehicle  Marysville assembly plant in the United States will be the country’s first to manufacture electric vehicles.

Honda claims that the Marysville plant will be ready to produce electric vehicles by January 2024, after it has consolidated its two production lines currently making vehicles powered by internal combustion engines and hybrid-electric vehicle systems.

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