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Toyota Hilux Diesel has a well-earned reputation for quality and dependability worldwide. Then there’s the Toyota Hilux, the poster child for bulletproof Toyotas. There’s no reason to look elsewhere for a tough, dependable work truck. Except that the Toyota Hilux has never really been an option for us in the United States. The Hilux was a niche pickup truck in America, available in limited quantities from the early 1970s to the 1990s.

The Hilux’s arrival in the North American market marked the beginning of its second generation. With a significantly improved interior, the Hilux was more true to its purpose: a versatile pickup truck that provides comfort and smooth rides. 1976 the Hilux was renamed the Truck or Pickup Truck for the North American market.

The Toyota Hilux diesel past

In 1968, the Toyota Hilux made its debut in Japan, taking the place of the Briska and The Light Stout. Its name, which combines “high” and “luxury,” was fitting and met expectations. A Toyota subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan, called Hino Motors, created and developed the Toyota Hilux.


The Hilux was a huge success upon release, selling out quickly to governments and commoners who used them in combat. For instance, the conflict between Libya and Chad in the 1980s is also called the “Toyota war” because so many Toyota Hilux vehicles were employed.

What about a hybrid vehicle? Where Does the Tundra Fit In?

The death of the V8 is one notable repercussion of the rise of the electric engine.

The change is significant because it means the Tundra will receive a new powertrain in 2022. The problem with building a full-size truck without eight cylinders is power. To solve it, losing weight and increasing compression start to look appealing.


How and why did the Toyota Hilux diesel leave North America?

Despite this, the Toyota Hilux was phased out of the North American market in 1995. Emission and safety regulations may have influenced Toyota’s decision to withdraw the Hilux from North America.

As previously stated, the Toyota Hilux started strong and became even more potent. The Toyota Pickup (another name for the Hilux) was a popular choice for work fleets in the 1990s. Owners loved their car because it not only did the job but it also had a nice interior.

Why does Toyota not offer the Hilux for sale in the USA?

The implementation of strict emission standards is one of the factors that led Toyota to decide to stop manufacturing the Hilux. However, the Chicken Tax is another important reason Toyota does not sell the Hilux in the US. A 25% chicken tax was imposed on all imported light trucks, brandy, and potato starch.


But a few years ago, the Chicken Tax on brandy and potato starch was eliminated. While taxes on small trucks like the Hilux are still in place to protect domestic automakers like Ford from foreign rivalry.

Significant variations between the Tacoma and Hilux

The only pickup version of the Tacoma is the double cab. However, the Hilux is offered in single and double-cab configurations worldwide. This is probably the reason why Americans prefer dual-cab pickups to single-cab ones.

The Tacoma’s design is also different from the Hilux’s. The Hilux, meanwhile, has a more streamlined, aerodynamic appearance. The front fascia of the Tacoma has undergone significant changes and now has a more boxy appearance.

In addition, the Hilux can tow up to 2204 pounds compared to the Tacoma’s 1440 pounds.

Would You Like A Toyota Hilux Expedition? These Are Some FAQs

What makes the Toyota Hilux so well-liked?

The Hilux is the best overland pickup for a plethora of reasons. It is built tough, extremely dependable, fuel-efficient, and decent at off-roading, and its parts are widely available to sum them all up. Thus, many people dream of owning an Expedition Hilux.

What is the fuel efficiency of a Toyota Hilux?

The Hilux has consistently provided its customers with the highest mpg ratings available at the time. The modern version can provide up to 40 mpg if you choose the right variant. The average for older models is easily expected to be between 18 and 23 mpg.

How long is the life of a Hilux?

A Toyota Hilux can easily travel 300k miles without needing any significant repairs if it is well-maintained. This means that a Hilux should be able to last up to 15 years with relative ease before requiring a significant overhaul based on the typical user mileage (20–30k miles per year).

The Toyota Hilux diesel is produced where?

Over the years, the Hilux has been produced in various nations. Thailand, Japan, Pakistan, Venezuela, Argentina, India, and Columbia are on the list. Even the USA and Germany produced some vintage models. One of these countries may have produced your Toyota Hilux.

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